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Outdoor Recreation

Filling in the gaps of your business

Uniqueness of the Outdoor Recreation industry

The outdoor recreation industry is a vast array of activities that include, but are not limited to, kayak tours, golfing, fishing tours, fitness centers, bike shops, dirtbike/ATV/UTV parks and various equipment rental locations. You have assets, you may have employees or contractors, or you may just be doing this gig solo and need a little guidance yourself. Allow me to lead you down the right path and make sure that you are tax compliant in your endeavors and that you are getting all the deductions that you qualify for. 

How is bookkeeping helpful for the outdoor recreation industry?

Do you know if the people that work for you are employees or contractors? Are you issuing the proper documents to them at year end for taxes? Do you have assets (things you have purchased for your business of value that can be turned for cash)? Do you drive a lot for your business? Do you have to repair and maintain anything within your business that is constantly used? If any of these questions sound like what you should be asking yourself in your business, you might want to consider outsourcing your bookkeeping. A bookkeeper can classify your income and expense properly so that you get the most deductions legally allowable come tax time. A bookkeeper is also on the lookout for you in regards to where you may be spending more money than budgeted and work with you on how to obtain the goals of your business.

Couple Holding Fish
Two Friends Biking


Here at BasicLee Bookkeeping, LLC we want to see your business flourish. We want to make sure that you are educated, as a business owner, in your business.  We want to make sure that you are not giving the government anymore money than you are legally liable for. We want to keep you compliant with the tax laws. We want to be on your team.

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