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Vintage Car


Are you a great mechanic or a super boss of a cleaning business or maybe even a wonder when it comes to creating works of art out of wood? That is great! However, maybe hiring someone to work on your books might be a better option for you business. You could put more focus on those particular skill sets you possess and watch your business grow into something you only imagined. Outsourcing bookkeeping to someone who has that eye for detail to see where you could save money or look at how to categorize items so that you get the best possible tax return should certainly be what you would want on your team. Let me handle the books and explain to you your numbers so that you know what sort of financial decisions you should make for your business.

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Tax Preparation

Oh, everyone loves dealing with the IRS, right? No? Well, that is why God created the special few of us that dig into those tax laws to keep the small businesses, such as yourself, running in a compliant state. I can handle your annual tax preparation for your business and yourself. I also file those persnickety state and federal withholding forms that you could get some hefty fines on if you don't file (even if you don't owe anything). Don't delay on these things. Allow me to lend a hand.

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Payroll, another fun task in the world of owning your own business. All those different withholding that you must take out of your employees' paychecks and then the taxes that you have to pay just for having employees. Not to mention the classification of who is working for you. Are they a contractor or are they an employee? Not properly classifying them could end you up in hot water. At BasicLee Bookkeeping, LLC we currently use QuickBooks Payroll to assist our clients in all their payroll needs. I would be more than happy to assist you in going down this path, if you need it.

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