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Campground Owners

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Are you a Campground Owner?

Your happy campers don't see all the time and effort that you pour into your little home away from home for others. They are focused on the site, whether it's full hook up or partial hook up. They are focused on the amenities that are offered and how they are going to enjoy escaping the everyday lives of their normal hustle and bustle. But you, as a campground owner, have quite the laundry list of items to tackle on a daily basis. Updating, renovating and maintaining a campground are a big portion of the business. Sometimes, it's worth it to hire that special someone to take over the daunting or even just mundane tasks that you are consistently pushing to the backburner. How much is that costing you though? Investing in a bookkeeper for your campground is essential and could save you a lot of money over time between finding you tax breaks and having all your financials in order for when you want to get a loan or have your taxes done on a yearly basis, or even just to see where around your campground the money pits are. 

Are you getting all the tax deductions you deserve?

Keeping a proper list of repairs and maintenance that you have done on the property will make audit time much quicker when you claim those expenses on your tax return.

Have you made any ADA compliant renovations to the property? Let's make sure we include those, as they can help you to claim up to $5,000 in deductions for the year.

Depreciation. Surely you have assets that need to be depreciated. Let's make sure that they are accounted for so that you get credit for them and help reduce that tax bill.

Enjoying the Woods
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Are you more of a seasonal campground?

Being a seasonal campground comes with its perks, such as only having to "work a part of the year." At least, that is what some folks think. However, you have to keep the maintenance up and you have to make sure that you have enough income in the account to spread out through the year. These are things that bookkeeping can help you with. Once you have a better grasp on you cash flow, you will know where you can spend and what you should be putting away. Let me help you with that.

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